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Beneficiaries of the All American Grand Bash

Operation Welcome Home is a 501c3 non-profit employment resource organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families overcome barriers to employment and providing them with the knowledge and resources needed to secure a fulfilling position in the civilian workforce.
Founded in 2012, Operation Welcome Home has helped place almost 700 Veterans into full-time employment. Ultimately, Operation Welcome Home develops individualized employment plans with our veterans that will help in their transition to civilian life by gaining meaningful full or part-time employment!

Operation Welcome Home provides a common meeting place at Mylan Park for veterans to congregate, share what’s on their mind, form bonds and simply relax with other veterans who understand their trials and triumphs.

Mission for Miracles was inspired by the recovery of Meg Throckmorton from a devastating spinal cord injury.

Mission for Miracles is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports medical facilities that treat all neurological conditions (ranging from spinal cord and brain injuries to Alzheimer’s and addiction), recovery research facilities, and regional organizations/nonprofits helping families heal and recover together.

Quite simply, our mission is to build healthier futures for the children of West Virginia, and elevate the care of all West Virginians. Our mission goes hand in hand with our vision at WVU Medicine Children’s, which is focusing on our most vulnerable children and expectant mothers and providing the best possible outcomes for those who need our care.

But we are much more. We are beacon of hope for the people of West Virginia and surrounding region.

WVU Medicine Children’s is a resource and a beacon of hope for women and children in West Virginia and the surrounding region.

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